Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Turkish Elections Flag Costs - 36 Million Turkish Liras for 3 Main Political Parties

Turkey is readying itself for elections in June 2011. An amazing set of statistics have been revealed about the costs, the political parties are willing to pay for campaign flags. The three main parties are said to be spending the following:
* The AKP - Justice and Development Party (currently ruling party) - 15 Million Turkish Liras
* The CHP - Republican People’s Party - 12 Million Turkish Liras
* The MHP - Nationalist Movement Party - 9 Million Turkish Liras

Flag Salesman Nihat Bahçıvan says "Public areas are going to be festooned with campaign flags". Bahçıvan added that the AKP have purchased over 15,000 flags to date and that campaign flags account for the majority of a parties' campaign expenses.

Bahçıvan also talked about the heavy workloads the elections willingly brought on for his company - "Our factories work 18-hour days, including weekends. If parties return the eco-friendly flags used in the campaign, we pay back 25 percent of the cost to them".

The Turkish Elections promise to be interesting and once again flags will be at the centre of them.

Turkish National Flag

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