Friday, 1 April 2011

British Government Advise British Nationals to Leave Yemen

There have been fervent ant--government protests in Yemen in recent days. This is so much so that the British Government has advised British nationals "get out while commercial airlines are still flying, in light of the rapid deterioration in the security situation".

Bringing this news story back to a flag theme, the Yemeni flag is being used actively by protesters, as can be seen in the picture below:

This is another example of national flags being used actively in protests, we have been able to bring you a number of such stories over the past weeks. The British Government also went on to advise:
"We urge all parties in Yemen to exercise the utmost restraint and take all steps necessary to defuse tension on the ground.
"We call on all parties to make urgent progress in implementing much needed political and economic reform.
"The government of Yemen must take urgent action to build trust with the opposition and with the protesters: without this trust, no agreement can be reached. The Yemeni people want to see their legitimate demands acknowledged and met and the UK fully supports them in this aspiration."

The Yemen Flag is being actively used by protestors.

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