Sunday, 3 April 2011

Japanese Flag - Seven Countries Skyscraper Towers to Light Up Red and White

The Sky Tower, Auckland, New Zealand - Will be the first tower to light up

Eight Skyscrapers from seven countries are to show solidarity and pay respects to Japan in a special event on Monday 4th April, 2011. Eight skyscrapers have agreed to light-up in the colors of the Japanese Flag (Red and White). Each of the towers will illuminate in the red and white colors from sundown in their respective countries.
*CN Tower, Toronto, Canada
*Olympic Tower, Montreal, Canada
*Macau Tower, Macau,
*Menara KL, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,
*Sky Tower, Auckland, New Zealand
*North Tower, Seoul, South Korea,
*Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth, England, UK
and *John Hancock Observatory, Chicago, USA,

Japan has been rocked in the past month with an earthquake which has lead to a Tsunami and a near nuclear meltdown. Repairs following the earthquake are estimated at $300 Billion, or 6% of the annual Gross Domestic Produce of Japan.

The event was initiated by the owners of New York's Empire State Building. Anothony Malkin a Spokesperson for the New York Empire State Building Company said "On April 4, the Empire State Building tower lights will shine for Japan which is desperately in need of the world's support and financial assistance. We are proud that buildings around the globe have agreed to join our efforts to raise awareness for earthquake and tsunami relief in Japan."


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