Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Flag Counters - Free Flag Web Counter Statistics for your Website

Something i've been asked frequently is to list some popular (and free) web counter statistics for your website, but importantly ones that show visitors by country - with the flag as the symbol.

So here are a list of resources that give you all you need to know to pick a free flag website statistics counter.

1) - A totally free and fully configurable service. Analyse by country, by maps and by US state. Customise background, text and border colors. Configure the maximum number of flags to show, number of columns to display and write your own title label.

2) - A free configurable PHP service. You can download stats for downloads today, month and year. Also you can view visitors by flags.

3)Super Counters - A free hit counter and flag counter. Fully customisable, visit the site for further information.

4)Trend Counter - A fully configurable free flag counter service. Click this link for a full demo -

Also if you are interested in joining a Facebook Group about flag counters, then join

Also try out this video on YouTube - "Free Flag Counter for your Blog or Website".

Please if you have a view on this subject and you've read this far - leave a comment. I would love to hear from you.


  1. Great post about flag counters.I have used Web counters on many of my sites and blogs and it offers comprehensive and real time tracking.

  2. good counter

  3. Using flag counter is good idea.It not only helps in finding country of your visitors but also shows your popularity country-wise.By using Realtime hit counter by can helps you rediscover your site and see it with the eyes of your visitors.

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