Monday, 4 April 2011

Belarussian Hunger Striker Syarhey Kavalenka Hospitalised Following Banned Belarus Flag Display

Syarhey Kavalenka was hospitalised on April 4th on the tenth day of his hunger strike. Kavalenka has been protesting following his recent arrests for displaying the banned previous national red-white-red flag of Belarus.

Kavalenka was jailed on both March 25 and April 1. Kavalenka was jailed on March 25 for holding aloft three of the banned previous Belarus Flags, this was on the occasion of the countries 93rd anniversary of independence from Russia. Kavalenka was jailed that day for "verbally insulting the police".

On his release on April 1, Kavalenka was immediately rejailed for violation of a previous court ruling of January 2010, where the court ruled he was not to display the former Belarussian flag in a public place.

Kavalenka was admitted to hospital due to low blood pressure and heart problems, on the 10th day of his hunger strike. It isn't clear yet whether he will continue his hunger strike.

Belarus Flag

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