Saturday, 9 April 2011

Estonian Government to Create Diplomatic Ties with Somalia reports that the Estonian Government are recommending the proposal of Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and are entering into diplomatic discussions with Somalia.

Estonia currently has diplomatic relations with a total of 168 countries, the most recently added were Haiti and Comoros, which were added last year.

Urmaes Paet said on April 7 - "Establishment of diplomatic relations with Somalia is directly connected to Estonia's participation in Atalanta, the European Union military operation for protecting ships in the vicinity of Somalia from pirate attacks." Many people are failing to realise that the pirates are just as much of a nuisance to the Somalian Government as they are to governments around the world.

Paet went on to say that Estonian ships operating under Atalanta will need to collaborate with ships sailing under the Somalian flag. This process is smoothed considerably with the establishment of diplomatic relations. Paet also said that Estonia should establish diplomatic relations with as many countries as possible, as this best represents Estonia and also protects the Estonian population's worldwide interests.

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