Sunday, 10 April 2011

2000 People March Over the New Caledonian Flag Issue

2000 people marched in Noumea, New Caledonia over the issue of the New Caledonia Flag.

The issue of the flag has seen four governments dissolved over the past two months in New Caledonia. This week the French Overseas Minister, Marie-Luce Penchard was in Noumea attempting to resolve matters.

The march was a week later than originally planned, the French High Commissioner had banned the previous march on security grounds. This march passed off peacefully but reflected the emotions people feel about their national flag and therefore their national identity.

The whole issue boils around whether New Caledonia should have a 2-flag system and observe both the French Flag and the "Kanak" as the official flags of New Caledonia.

This whole issue proves again that national flags are a really big issue and mean a lot to people all around the world.

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