Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Ghanaian Flag Being Waved Proudly in Misrata, Libya

Amongst the many trapped people in the besieged city of Misrata, Libya are many of Ghanaian nationality. They have made their presence known by waving the Ghanaian Flag.

News footage around the world has shown the Ghana Flag being waved, whilst pleading for help to journalists and the wider world. This was particularly evident on Brian Williams' nightly report news, direct from Misrata on 19th April, 2011.

Michael Yereku, writing on said "This touched my heart!! I do not know any of these Ghanaians I saw on the news broadcast, but as a fellow Ghanaian, I felt compelled to do something. This is why I am writing this piece urging President Atta Mills, the Foreign Minister and the Minister of Transportation to arrange with their Libyan counterparts to implement a plan to get our fellow citizens out of Misrata and home safely and as soon as possible. Let us all pray and hope that those who are desperately displaying the Ghanaian flag in Misrata can be assured that holding tightly to the flag will eventually mean something with the Ghanaian government meeting its obligation and ensuring that our citizens emerge out of this perilous situation unharmed."

As the world watches developments in Libya, it is clear once again that national flags are often at the heart of the action, wherever there is conflict or turmoil around the globe. This seems especially the case in Libya.

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