Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Harold "Sparky" Songer Flies US (American Flag) Upside Down as a Distress Signal

In news from Danville, Eastern Illinois a Veteran has deliberately decided to fly the American Flag upside down, but insists he isn't meaning to upset anyone. The reports that Songer has chosen to fly the US Flag outside the Vermilion County War Museum in Danville as a distress signal.

Songer believes that the government in Washington, DC are not showing appropriate support for the nation's military. Songer now 86 said "Those in the service are already having trouble keeping their families together, they're gone through so much, and the number of suicides is a disgrace, and some have lost their homes and can't find jobs when they do come home." 

Songer is Director of the Vermilion County War Museum and is a veteran of three wars. Commenting Songer said " "I'd just had enough, so I stopped talking about it and did it."

In US Military tradition the US Flag is flown upside down as a sign of distress. Songer believes there is a distress situation now and said ""Things are such a mess in Washington. The whole country is in extreme distress." 

The upside down flag has received numerous complaints from other veterans and members of the general public alike.

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