Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A Brief Overview of the New Zealand Flag

A brief overview of the New Zealand flag and what makes it special.

Flag History - New Zealand

A country’s flag signifies the struggles the country has overcome, it identifies the strengths of the country and it creates a symbol to unify its people.  When traveling to a foreign country, such as when you plan a New Zealand Vacation, it is helpful to learn about the history of the country’s flag.  This will provide you with an understanding of what the people of the country you are visiting value.

New Zealand Flag

New Zealand Flag Design

The New Zealand flag design was influenced by the country’s early connection to Great Britain.  It is because of this that the New Zealand flag has similar colors and design features, such as the navy blue background and the Union Jack emblem that is the foundation of the national flag of Great Britain.  What makes the New Zealand flag unique, however, is that the Union Jack is offset to the upper left corner of the flag leaving three quarters of the flag for new design elements. Within the remaining 75% of the flag’s design space is a navy blue background which is intended to symbolize both sky and water, two elements that are plentiful in this country.  Also found on the right half of the flag is a representation of the Southern Cross, a constellation that played an important role in the seafarer tradition of this country.

Proper Respect of the New Zealand Flag

Like other national flags, New Zealand demands that their flag be treated with respect, as it represents the integrity of its people.  This flag is flown on a daily basis and it is a centerpiece for special celebrations and events, such as Anzac Day.  The New Zealand flag is a national and cultural treasure and it is present in both cultural and secular celebrations.

When dealing with the treatment of the New Zealand flag it is important to remember not to abuse it.  It is offensive to destroy, deface or defame the New Zealand flag in public.  Doing this can get you into serious hot water with locals and with local authorities, so be respectful.

New Controversy

While the people of New Zealand have a strong attachment to their national flag, recent debates have raged over whether a new flag design should be adopted.  This debate was spawned by concerns related to how similar the New Zealand flag is to the Australian flag, to the presence of the Union Jack on the flag (a sign of British colonial occupation) and to the omission of Maori representation in the design.  It is not clear how this debate will be resolved, but to the flag’s design are possible in the future.

Madeline Binder was fortunate enough to spend a great family vacation in New Zealand. Her experiences on this trip changed her life forever, and as a result she has spent a lot of time helping other people to see the value in traveling to this country. New Zealand is an ideal country to visit for a lengthy vacation and is also increasing in popularity as a destination for wedding parties.