Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Kareem Fakhrawi Dies in Bahrain Police Custody - Flags Waved at Funeral

Amongst much civil unrest in Bahrain, news has emerged that opposition activist Kareem Fakhrwai has died whilst in police custody in a prison. Mattar Mattar, a member of Bahrain opposition group, Wefaq said "Either he was sick and didn't receive treatment or was tortured". Fakhrawi's death was the 4th similar death in Bahrain in recent days, the Bahrain government have promised to investigate.

The Bahraini Government has admitted to holding 453 detainees at the moment, to prevent civil unrest. Bahrain is currently under "martial law". Mattar has said "After these problems, many are afraid to contact us, I estimate the real number is not less than 600. That's one in every 1,000 Bahrainis," he said.

Funerals have surprisingly perhaps become a source of much anger amongst Shi'ites. The Bahrain government has banned all demonstrations, so protestors are waving foreign flags and symbols during funerals. Bahrain's Ministry of Interior warned against this action in a statement on Tuesday 12th April.

Flags being waved around the country at funerals include the Tunisian, Iranian and Iraqi Flags.

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