Saturday, 16 April 2011

Guy Teissier Wants Waving Foreign Flags in France to Become Illegal - French Government to Vote

In what is a surprising move to many, a new amendment to legislation has been proposed by French member of parliament, Guy Teissier. He is proposing to ""regulate the use of foreign flags in French public spaces by demanding prior permission".

Teissier has said, "A certain number of people, be they French, foreigners or not, during a diverse range of occasions – national holidays, protests – or in their daily lives, wave the flags of their country of origin."

The waving of foreign flags in France has become relatively commonplace, flags such as the Algerian Flag and Moroccan Flag in particular can be seen on a regular basis.

If the new amendment is passed the waving of a foreign flag without prior permission could be punishable with a fine of anything up to €1,500.

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