Friday, 1 April 2011

Jamaican Child Beaten for Stealing Flag at School by Teacher

The Jamaica Star has reported that a 15-year old child (Tomwas) has been beaten by their teacher for allegedly stealing a flag out of their car.

Details are sketchy and it is not known which flag was stolen but the story goes that a flag was stolen from the teachers car. The teacher then asked the child to write a report, which would implicate who had stolen the flag.

When the teacher received the report, the other offenders were not included. The teacher is then alleged to have beaten the child with a broom stick and a piece of iron. The Jamaica Star understands that the child is said to have received injuries to their hands, feet and other sections of the body.

Speaking about the incident, the boy's Father said ""I have received a call from my son's form teacher and I have been to the school, but I was told that the principal is probing the matter, so I am expecting to hear something soon. I have great respect for the principal and the school, and so I am awaiting an explanation. In the meantime, I am waiting for the medical certificate. - The Father is said to be mystified as to why this course of action has been taken.

We don't know what flag was stolen, but this article wouldn't be the same without an image of a flag, here is the Jamaican national flag:

The full story can be read at:

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