Friday, 1 April 2011

New Caledonia Flag Protest Marches Banned

The tiny oceanic territory of New Caledonia may be small in population (just 245,000) - but is causing a stir politically.

Recent months have seen much tension over the issue of the national flag. New Caledonia is a French Overseas Territory and the French High Commission have banned protest marches for tomorrow (2nd April 2011). The Commission have also banned meetings of more than 10 people, which are organised to discuss the flag issue.

The issue of the national flag has caused the collapse of three governments in the past two months. A group which has been advocating the abolition of the current flag, has planned tomorrows marches many weeks ago. The labour party in New Caledonia were planning a rival pro-flag march. Rival party the Caledonia Together Party are pro-abolition and were to be involved in the anti-flag marches.

Attempts to form a new government are now entering a third month. It seems amazing to think that the national flag is a root cause of these tensions.

The New Caledonia Flag, the cause of much controversy.

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