Tuesday, 3 May 2011

May 2nd is National Flag Day in Poland

May 2nd saw Poland celebrates its national flag day. Many Polish celebrated the Flag of the Republic of Poland Day. Many private and public buildings displayed the red and white Polish Flag with pride.

Many of the most famous buildings in Poland joined in the celebrations. The Presidential Palace, the sejm and the Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland were all displaying the red and white colors.

Poland has used red and white as its national colors since 1831 and has celebrated its annual flag day every year since 2004. Poland is one of a number of countries who have an annual flag day, others include Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Lithuania, Mexico, Ukraine, and USA. For more info, see the National Flag Day page on Wikipedia.

The Polish Flag Day is not a national holiday so unfortunately workers still have to go to work, but it's good to see a country honoring its national flag with recognition by a special day. This day is sandwiched between Labor Day (May 1) and Constitution Day (May 3).

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