Monday, 21 March 2011

Flags Information - Flag of Martinique Page

The Martinique page of the Flags of the World website can be found at:

The Martinique Flag was first adopted on May 1st, 1979.

Description: The Martinique flag is used locally only. The flag consists of a blue background with a white cross in the centre splitting the flag into four parts. Each of the four parts has a white snake in it. The flag of France is the official flag of Martinique.

There are two images available:

The smaller 94 X 63 pixels:

and the larger 750 X 500 pixels:

To find out further information about the country of the Martinique visit

Martinique is a small Caribbean island (436 square miles) in size. It is renowned for its tourism and is an overseas colony of France. The population is about 400,000. Although it's not a cheap place to visit, if you can afford it you will find Martinique an island paradise. There are an extensive number of Hotels and Martinique Vacation Rentals available on the Island.

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