Monday, 28 March 2011

10,000+ Indonesians Support Japan Tsunami Victims

An amazing 10,000+ Indonesians have supported Japanese Tsunami victims through the creation of a giant Japanese Flag.

Inventively, the flag has been created by the palm prints of the Indonesian well-wishers. A giant whiteboard was erected outside the Japanese Embassy in Jakarta on Sunday. Vistiors then dipped their hands in red dye and eventually thousands of people later the Japanese Flag was created.

Many celebrities such as the Japanese Ambassador to Indonesia, Kojiro Shiojiri, contributed, as well as Indonesian humanitarian activists, such as the famous Kuntoro Mangkusobroto.

A flag palm print painter at work.

When completed the flag was handed over to the Japanese Ambassador to Indonesia, as a sign of goodwill. Receiving the flag, the Ambassador Kojiro Shiojori said "Thank you very much, I appreciate it very much, I am very moved and excited by your support, and I will transmit your message to our people in Japan straight away. Thank you very much.”

In what was a great act, it is good to see the people of Japan and Indonesia working together in this way.

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