Thursday, 31 March 2011

English Council Flys Pakistani Flag but Refuses to Fly Israeli Flag

An English Council has caused anger and controversy by what appears to be the use of double standards.

Bury Council, Greater Manchester has flown the Pakistani Flag for some years now on Pakistam Independence Day. Recently the Council were requested to fly the Israeli Flag on "Yom Ha'atzmaut", this request was refused.

This was reported by the Jewish Chronicle. Miss Solomon range the Council and said "I quite innocently rang the council, after I heard about the Pakistani flag, to see if they would also fly one for Israel. We want to celebrate the Jewish people getting a state and share that with the whole community. But flying only one flag is not just insulting to the Jewish community, but also the Indian community, whose country's independence is celebrated on the same day as Pakistan's. They are offending other ethnic communities too. It's either all or nothing," she added.

The Council have promised to review their flag display policy but this will be after Yom Ha'atzmaut on May 10. Read the full article at

Israeli Flag

Pakistani Flag

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