Sunday, 27 March 2011

US Flag returned to Veterans Family

In Rochester, New York, USA a flag has been returned to the family of a war veteran, ironically they didn't even know the flag was missing!

Jason Wallace, of Rochester, received the American flag from a friend. The US flag which was enclosed in a case had been purchased at an auction in Wells, Maine. Wallace became determined to try and find the owner as the flag in case belonged to a World War II Veteran.

Through the help of WMUR Channel 9 viewer the flag was reinstated with the owner who didn't even know it was missing. “I’m just thrilled to have it back,” Paul Grady said on Saturday 26 March. “My daughter Kailyn got a message on Facebook from a girl named Shannon, who happened to see the news story,” Grady explained. “I just can’t thank him enough. A lot of people wouldn’t have bothered to do anything, and he (Wallace) made the effort and I really appreciate it,” said Grady.

The flag in a presentation case had belonged to the father of Grady, Austin Grady who passed away in 2004.


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