Sunday, 8 May 2011

201 US Flags Burned and Decommissioned in Hickory, North Carolina

A total of 201 US Flags were respectfully decommissioned and then burned at the St Stephens High School in Hickory, North Carolina on Saturday 7th May.

The old, tattered and worn flags were decommissioned in a ceremony, overseen by US War Veterans.

The ceremony started at 7PM when 63 motorbikes made their way around the outside of the stadium. “Tonight we honor the flag the way it should be honored – in a dignified ceremony,” said Scoutmaster of Troop 284 Dwight Byrd.

Rodney Bobak, from the Order of the Arrow, explained the procedure:
“We decommission what used to be flags while wearing white gloves as a final show of respect,” he said. “We do not burn the American flag – the Iranians do that. We burn what used to be American flags.”

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