Thursday, 25 June 2009

Welcome to the Website Blog


I've created this blog as a direct response to a few people who've said that they want to be able to communicate with the Website. This allows me to create dynamic content outside of the website which tends to contain relatively static content.

Also featured on this blog will be:
> An opportunity for you to contact me via the commenting system
> Reviews of various flags of the world, i've decided to list each country in turn alphabetically starting at "M". Why "M", well everybody starts at "A", so I thought I would be different and start at "M". The first country up then will be Macau!
> A chance to discuss any news relating to flags or perhaps to promote offers relating to flag products/merchandise
> I will post any updates/changes to the system as they arise
> There's an opportunity for visitors to make suggestions, please do this through the blog

So please subscribe to this blog and you'll get all the updates for free and automatically.

This post wouldn't be the same without a flag, so at the top of the page you'll see my favorite flag of the world, the flag of Uganda, for more info visit:

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